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Rock of Ages Memory Care is a very unique setting where individualized services for each resident are a goal for every staff member.  The center is a certified “Memory Care” licensed home under the State of Oregon.  Staff members are extensively trained to provide gentle compassionate care to those struggling with various stages of dementia.  It is our goal to make it “home” for each resident.  To do so each staff member is trained to “live” with the residents during their working hours and not just complete their tasks.  We work to make every assigned task an active part of a resident’s day, whether bathing time becomes a time to reminisce or cleaning time becomes a visiting time.  Residents are given every opportunity to choose their day’s activities.  As one long-time resident is heard saying many times.  “I really love it here.  I don’t have to do things I don’t want to.”

Based on our Mission to serve all, it is an honor to be a part of resident’s lives at a time when they need a helping hand, with staff members completing each day together with a smile.

Spiritual emphasis is placed on our work knowing that residents are at a time in their lives when so often life may be painful, discouraging, and filled with disappointments. Our mission is accomplished when each day we can brighten a resident’s life with encouragement.

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"We are so pleased with the care and the caring attitude from the staff at Rock of Ages.  Anyone needing help would be very lucky to move here.
Andie & Hal
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